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Hi, I’m Walter Werner

I’m so happy you stopped by to check out my about page.

This site is dedicated to raising your game when it comes to taking care of your teeth.

It my hope as a hygienist that you will discover that taking care of your mouth doesen’t mean you have to be a fanatic that carries your brush everywhere, brushing and flossing after every meal. It means being consistent.

My interest is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to not only raise your dental health but your total health.


I started out doing very physical work. I was a cement mason, I also delivered bottle water for about a decade, I even managed a dry cleaners for a couple of years.

At a certain point during my water delivery years seeing the guys who were in there 40’s and still having to “bust it out daily” delivering water made me realize I needed to go back to school. ( I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s feeling like an old man, completely burnt from the long hours, often 14+ hours a day)

Long story short, I went to collage and got my degree in dental hygiene, and have been working as a dental hygienist since 2001. I love what I do and how on such a personal level I get to work with and help people daily. I met my wife in hygiene school, (she is also a hygienist) and we both work in the same dental practice for many years now.

I always joke that I got way more out of school then I anticipated. Coming out of school and ultimately winding up with a wife, 4 kids and being a young grand dad, having 2 grand babies (I’ll take as many as I can get! There awesome!!)

Being a hygienist for the last 17 years and all the people I deal with personally has shown me there is such a need when it comes to dental basics.

You would be shocked how many people don’t see the importence of consistent home care or don’t have access to care.

There is a major need for knowledge and know how when it comes to what needs to be done to maintain good oral care, and how much good oral health impacts your overall health.

I see this need daily in the office I practice in and want to expand that reach via internet to help people realize that it is not hard to maintain a healthy mouth once you know how.

About The Information On This Site

I’m not wanting this to be a product review site. Not to say that I wouldn’t offer a review on some products I have first hand knowledge of. I believe there are legitimate review sites out there, but by far the majority of review sites out there offer recycled information with no real personal knowledge of the product.

It’s my hope to share my close to 20 years of dental knowledge in a way that will raise your dental IQ, and show you what you need to do, so that you can take proper care of your mouth and overall health. Help you find the types of product you need, how to go about looking them, and how to use them properly. This will include various links to sites, so you can find these products and further information about them, so you can make educated decisions when making purchases related to your dental needs.

Any mention of certain brands are without compensation from that company. If I do mention certain brands it is because I’ve personally had a good experience with them or have received great feedback from my patients when asking what they’re using and is working for them.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave your questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

You can also reach me via email at walt@yourdentalhomecare.com

To your health,



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