Best Water Piks – How To Choose…A Common Sense Approach

It’s always fun when trying to choose a new product. The experience is often the same whether we’re real familiar with the product or trying a new one that we’re absolutely clueless about.

We live in a time when choices are endless, and at times overwhelmingly. This is especially the case when it comes to dental products. Where it seems like every other day there’s a bigger better toothbrush, floss or toothpaste. Obviously it’s impossible to reinvent the wheel as often as dental products would have you believe.

The goal when doing our research on any product, dental or otherwise, is that we find the product that best suits our needs at the best price. Today we will be discussing how to best choose a water pik.

I’ll mention the brand that I’m partial to, knowing it has great track record because I use it personally, but that once we’ve considered some other things.

So, best water piks…how do we approach this in a common sense way?

Why We Would Need A Water Pik

I’m going to cover this briefly without elaborating too much. I go into much more detail about water piks (who needs, and how to use) in a previous post. If you’re wanting a more detailed discussion please click here

A water pik can be an option for all, but there are some situations when they are most helpful.

1. Braces

2. Periodontal issues

3. Dexterity problems

All Water Piks Basically Work The Same Way

Remember we’re trying to approach this in a common sense way. The truth of the matter is that no matter what the brand of water pik, they all basically are made up of a reservoir and a pump that shoots a precise stream of water between the teeth to remove plaque and food debris.

Some have more attachments than others, some cost more than others, some look better because they come in a certain color we like, but in the end they’re basically a reservoir and a pump.

This is important to remember because you’ll read many reviews that point out a number of things that in the end don’t matter all that much.

Don’t Get Distracted By Minor Details

While looking for your water pik you likely will be scrolling a good number of reviews where pros and cons presented. Often in reviews you’ll hear how noisy they might be, or whether you need to plug it into a direct power source, or that it’s messy.

These things listed are true but not very important.

A couple of good examples of info that doesn’t mean much is, it requires an electrical outlet to operate. My toaster does also, but it really doesn’t effect how you use it.

Also, info like it’s messy is not to meaningful either. It’s the nature of the beast, they are all messy. They get less annoying when it comes to mess as you use it more. You will learn to control the water.

Information That Is Important   

Look for things like how large the reservoir is. A good size is between 600 and 800 ml. Travel size will be smaller (300 to 400 ml) and although they work well they often need to be filled more than once to get the job done.

Look for how many tips (nozzles) come with the unit. Some may only come with one nozzle and you would need to purchase others separately. If you are looking to have your whole family use it, that adds an extra expense. If it’s just you that will be using it that may be a moot point.

Look at the types of nozzles offered. You might just want the water pik for basic use, and if that is the case, units with basic tips are great. You may be looking for one with a tongue cleaner or something for multi use like one that comes with a nasal irrigator included.

Look for warranties that may be included, if they are reasonably priced or part of the deal it may make that water pik a more attractive buy.

Please read the general reviews left by those that purchase the item. There are a good number of insightful comments left. I have firsthand knowledge a few brands but there is one I tend to recommend to patients. (I’ll share in a moment)

I also get much insight from asking my patients what they have purchased and how they like it and what they think of the product.


Price is all over the board when it comes to water piks. Generally try staying in the $60 to $100 dollar range depending on what you need.

If your looking for more tips with different uses it will tend to be on the higher end of the price range. Better name brands will tend to be on the higher end as well.

You can, of course buy cheaper, but you tend to get what you pay for. Talking to patients over many years has taught me that cheaper (no name) brands tend to break down pretty quickly, so buyer beware.

A better name brand such as Waterpik  has a better names for a reason, and thus can cost a bit more. Without any gains from an endorsement, this is the brand I recommend when patients ask.

On average, I find most water piks tend to last around 3 to 5 years. Waterpik brand tend to exceed that, I have had one last me about 10 years. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that would be the same for you, but I do find it to be a well build unit.

Final Thoughts        

So when talking about best water piks, remember that the most important thing you need to remember is WHY you’re choosing to use one. Knowing why you want it, and the specific way you want to use it. This should be what drives your decision the most. Focus on the review information that will answer YOUR WHY. Then look at price.

I would also encourage you to talk with your hygienist the next time you have your teeth cleaned. They will always be willing to add some further insight to your decision making. Or reach out to me at if you have further questions related to this article.

Please see your local dentist regularly as home care is not enough to take care of all you dental needs. Your dental professional is trained to spot many things you may not be aware of.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question. I’d love to hear from you.

To your health!!!

Walt RDH

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4 thoughts on “Best Water Piks – How To Choose…A Common Sense Approach

  1. I hadn’t heard of water piks before reading this post, so this was quite informative. I have the same approach when it comes to anything that I buy. If I buy cheap then I get what I paid for. And the same goes for this type of product. Will have to check out the rest of your site and see what interests me.

    Thank you.

  2. Hey Walt,
    Thanks for the brand recommendation. At least you have narrowed down the options for me. Thanks for tips on what to look out for since most people like me have not clue about this stuff. My family could use one of these. Thanks for the informative read.
    All the best,

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